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@Oak74679721 @_Eng1ish @InsaneinyerBane @Pippa30605349 @LBilderberg @LordBrexit …


@Oak74679721 @_Eng1ish @InsaneinyerBane @Pippa30605349 @LBilderberg @LordBrexit @fifi_j @Ispy_yu09627538 @crbarnes001 @frederickone @JTSmith1014 @Cheeseo76847269 @umbongo_ed @BlondeKbf @KismetandHope @kbeanie93 Absolutely
This is what I was saying a year ago dunno how accurate my thoughts are .. had a text from my bank, Barclays saying they are closing are branch to 4 days a week ( 10 till 2 ) !
Closed on a Saturday https://t.co/oQxRwXiHG8

Source by Fframed in Dallas is back ..AGAIN

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