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@sarbjeetjohal @Britopian @furrier @jowyang @rachelloumiller @AdamMGrant @sallye…


@sarbjeetjohal @Britopian @furrier @jowyang @rachelloumiller @AdamMGrant @sallyeaves @ScottWLuton @soumeya @lipiroy @gssahni @chrismessina @ChrisSaad @UberEng @joinClubhouse @pmarca @bhorowitz @pdavison @rohanseth @andrewchilds @Craw @om @timoreilly Like when I ran my local colleges entrepreneurship outreach by solving IRL probs such as @kevinHartz API not connected to Marc @benioff’s API, I DJ’d the API’s of TCP/IP to @payPal / @gemini to #KlubHaus #externalAPI

@stanfordEng #ENGR145

In 🌲, “🐶🐶” https://t.co/Iz68aLNqgL https://t.co/L8ARSSmkVi

Source by Larry Chiang, 650-283-8008 @duck9

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